Starring Adam West - Official Trailer (x)

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A little afternoon Mancini

dandycacophony: and can I just say I love your blog and your edits and im sorry for all the like and reblog spam and the mgm gif with seth in the middle is amazing and I have it as my header but I might change it idk but I love you and you're amazing and yas

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dandycacophony: wait, so you have a android? may I ask which one? because I have a galaxy s4 and do you make your gifs? if so, is there an app you use or something? I WOULD LOVE TO MAKE GIFS and also I am using one of your gifs as my header possibly. is that okay?

Hello :)

  • Yes, I used to have an android. It was an LG phone and I don’t remember the model.
  • I make my GIFs using Photoshop. I don’t really know if there is an app that can. Please help out if some of you knows. There are also free GIF making programs around the web, I just don’t know which one, because I have never used them.
  • You ask for permission to use my Gif, therefore you can use it as your header.

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Smiles. Some of my Favorites.

Anonymous: Is there a video link for that gif of Seth and Alex anywhere?

The link of the video is actually on the original post along with the gif. If you hover to the Peter and Lois Griffin its there and you can just click it, lovely anon but if its not working here is the link. [x]

I went to see A Million Ways..2 days ago and safe to say If You’ve Only Got a Moustache is still and currently stuck in my head..that song is so catchy I can’t get rid of it..I keep singing and humming it..

Seth MacFarlane in Kent Center School

I finally got to watch the film!!! It was awesome and I immediately wanted to see it again to be honest. I cannot wait for the blu-ray/dvd to come out. I will watch the heck out of the movie. One more thing, he looked very handsome but we all know that.