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Hope this will make you smile and/or brightens your day. :) (2010,2011,2012,2013) evolve.

missing this smile

Starring Adam West - Official Trailer (x)

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A little afternoon Mancini

dandycacophony: and can I just say I love your blog and your edits and im sorry for all the like and reblog spam and the mgm gif with seth in the middle is amazing and I have it as my header but I might change it idk but I love you and you're amazing and yas

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dandycacophony: wait, so you have a android? may I ask which one? because I have a galaxy s4 and do you make your gifs? if so, is there an app you use or something? I WOULD LOVE TO MAKE GIFS and also I am using one of your gifs as my header possibly. is that okay?

Hello :)

  • Yes, I used to have an android. It was an LG phone and I don’t remember the model.
  • I make my GIFs using Photoshop. I don’t really know if there is an app that can. Please help out if some of you knows. There are also free GIF making programs around the web, I just don’t know which one, because I have never used them.
  • You ask for permission to use my Gif, therefore you can use it as your header.

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Smiles. Some of my Favorites.