Smiles. Some of my Favorites.

Anonymous: Is there a video link for that gif of Seth and Alex anywhere?

The link of the video is actually on the original post along with the gif. If you hover to the Peter and Lois Griffin its there and you can just click it, lovely anon but if its not working here is the link. [x]

I went to see A Million Ways..2 days ago and safe to say If You’ve Only Got a Moustache is still and currently stuck in my head..that song is so catchy I can’t get rid of it..I keep singing and humming it..

Seth MacFarlane in Kent Center School

I finally got to watch the film!!! It was awesome and I immediately wanted to see it again to be honest. I cannot wait for the blu-ray/dvd to come out. I will watch the heck out of the movie. One more thing, he looked very handsome but we all know that.

Anonymous: Have you ever had an iPhone before? Do you want to try out new things because an iPhone would be a nice change away from android since you stated on your post that you have an android and it lags. Try it out if it doesn't work switch it.

No I have not. Yes! I do want to try new things and yes the phone that I use now lags even if its almost a year old. Its just that if I would get one, I want a phone that I can keep in a long run, you know longevity is very important. The iPhone has many mixed reviews and so is the Galaxy s5. Yes! I want to try something new and break away from android but the question is, is it worth my money?

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I rarely spoil myself when it comes to things, so here it is, I wanted to give myself a gift, a new phone, and keep in mind I am buying this technology out of my own pocket/wallet in simple words my own money. I know it is kind of shallow but I rarely do this, because in my opinion there are things worth giving or buying than this but hear me out. Now I am an android user and my phone has been lagging for months now. I recently saw the new commercials for the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Iphone 5s, to cut to the point if I were to get a new phone which one would be the better option?

I’ll come with you even if it is only in spirit.

Thanks!! Sweetie. :)


Why does awesome things happen when I’m at work..for example Seth on instagram. I’m at the bathroom of where I work and I checked my tumblr and there it is.

While I was busy last Friday, my friend went on to the premiere and watch A Million Ways to Die in the West… Jerk!!! I asked him if it was fun and he said he laughed a lot…Now I have/going to see it alone!! Is that sad?